Wizards of the Coast is pleased to announce its presence in the prestigious setting of Lucca Comics & Games 2022 with two stands dedicated to the main brands, Dungeons and Dragons And Magic: The Gatheringboth located in the Carducci Pavilion.

Dungeons and Dragons

During the days when the Tuscan event is held, the two Wizards of the Coast booths will be the center of a whole host of activities aimed at players and enthusiasts of all ages, from the products that trace the history of the game, role-playing and collectible card games. . There will also be guests and surprise events, so it is strongly advised not to go too far from the stands so as not to lose them!

Don’t miss the chance to visit the official Dungeons & Dragons booth! Here you can experience first hand the fantasy universe of the most beautiful and famous role-playing game in the world, whether you are a seasoned veteran bearing the marks of countless campaigns, a player taking his first steps in this vast and fun world, or just that you’re intrigued by D&D and the pop culture phenomenon it represents and have never played before.

In the official Dungeons & Dragons mode, you can even experience the thrill of trying out the D&D gaming experience, taking part in short adventure sessions designed to introduce new players to the most beautiful role-playing game in the world. from Storms the new D&D Starter Set.

In addition, throughout the duration of the event, the D20 Nation will be present on the booth, a group of creators passionate about role-playing games and real prominent personalities in the Italian D&D scene, always ready and available to chat and play with the fans. In addition, during the days of the show, always at the official Dungeons & Dragons booth, the D20 Nation will also be holding a quiz about D&D that you can only participate in if you already have all your knowledge of the fantastic multiverse of D&D.

And if you’ve been a fan of Dungeons & Dragons since its inception, don’t miss the booth to meet and chat Andrea Rossicthe “Master of Masters”, great expert of the old school of RPG and BECMI, the classic editions of D&D, that made history!

In addition, the official Dungeons & Dragons booth will be the starting and ending point of an exciting treasure hunt, which will challenge you to perform some daring missions on the streets of the fair, in the places associated with D&D. Finally, in the shop area of ​​the booth, you can take your first step into this fascinating world by purchasing the D&D Introductory Set Dragons of the Isle of Storms, or expand your already in-depth experience of the game thanks to all the D&D products available at the purchase.

But that is not everything! During the fair days, other surprises and unexpected guests will enliven the stand, in a festive atmosphere and in honor of the most beautiful role play in the world!

Magic: The Gathering

Have you always dreamed of immersing yourself in a multiverse of legendary wizards, flat travelers and powerful magic? Well, the official Magic: The Gathering (MTG) booth is yours! Here you can experience the thrill of venturing into the world’s first and most famous collector’s card game, whether you’ve already entered the land of Dominaria and all the other magical realms, or you want to challenge yourself in exciting challenges around the world ultimate spell, whether you’ve never played before and want to learn more about this fascinating collector’s card game.

For new players and anyone wanting to get closer to this hobby that unites millions of people around the world, the official Magic: The Gathering booth will allow you to try out the game in demonstration and casual play sessions. This way you can learn the basics of the game while having fun and discover how easy and exciting it is to be captivated by the mystical atmosphere of Magic.

In addition, on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 October, renowned creator Sabaku no Maiku will be at the official Magic: The Gathering booth, ready to chat with Magic fans. But he will certainly not be the only one who will be present at the stand! In fact, throughout the exhibition period, you can meet a whole host of characters on the stand who are constantly supporting the Italian MTG community, including the very nice CaffeineLily.

At the official Magic: The Gathering booth you can also discover all the secrets of War of the Brothers, the next exciting set of Magic coming out in November, continuing the storyline that started with Dominiaria Unita and returning Magic: The Gathering to its origin, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the game. And right off the Magic 30 in Las Vegas comes a slew of special content about The War of the Brothers, including exclusive map samples, trailers and exceptional reveals. However, one thing is now certain: the epic and famous fight between the brothers Urza and Mishra, a milestone in the lore of Magic, has never been so robotic!

In addition, the official Magic: The Gathering booth will be the start and end point of an exciting treasure hunt, which will challenge you to perform a number of missions full of magic on the streets of the fair, in places related to Magic: The Gathering. . And if you count yourself among the most experienced and competitive players in Magic, you’ll be happy to know that on November 30, the stand will host one of the official stops of the Legacy European Tour, valid for qualification to the Naples final in March !

Finally, in the shop section of the booth, you can take your first step into this fascinating world by purchasing your first Commander deck or experimenting with your friends the Draft game formula, in which only three card boosters each allow you to survive. give in to an exciting magical challenge! If, on the other hand, you are a veteran of Magic: The Gathering, don’t miss the opportunity to enrich your collection thanks to all the Magic products available for purchase.

But that is not everything! During the fair days, other surprises and unexpected guests will enliven the stand, in a festive atmosphere and to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the first and most famous collectible card game in the world!

Source: Lega Nerd

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