Microsoft may be planning to introduce an implicit system requirement for out-of-box systems in Windows 11: SSD. Trendforce analysts told Tom’s Hardware that the American company is asking manufacturers to use SSDs as the main storage drive only in prebuilt PCs. This will be the case from 2023, although manufacturers oppose it.

Frankly, SSDs are by definition almost faster than hard drives, which is extremely useful for booting and running an operating system. But for now, Microsoft only requires 64GB of storage for Windows 11, without specifying what storage technology it should have. Microsoft has yet to respond to Trendforce’s information. System requirements have an asterisk under ’64GB storage’: “Additional requirements may be added over time for updates and to enable certain functions within the operating system.”

According to the source, it appears that Microsoft is trying to encourage OEMs to ship their Windows 11 systems predominantly with SSD. There is no reason to assume there will be a general SSD requirement for Windows 11 at this time.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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