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You can save a lot of money on Steam with this trick, try it at the Halloween Sale.


FROM steam hack to save money what we are going to explain is you can buy certain games below its selling price. We tested it and it works. Put it into practice with Halloween sale on Steamto save a good handful of euros.

You don’t have to do weird or “illegal” things, like buy from those dodgy code shops that don’t charge you VAT, or use a VPN to shop in Belarus’ Steam Store.

Steam continues to break user records, but something strange is going on with his account. Prices, and we’re not sure if this is intentional or a system glitch that will be fixed soon. So let’s take it Steam’s money-saving trick. Let’s look at this with an example.

we have a great game Lost in the shuffle EA, which Halloween sale on Steam with a discount of at least 60% and costs only €11.99:

It’s a great price, so the cravings can get you to hit the “Add to Cart” button and buy it.

But if you search for Lost in Random on cook for a couple or you look further in his file, you will see that there is a pack containing the game Alice: Madness Returns + Accidentally Lost and it’s just worth it… !€8.98! That is, two games are cheaper than a loose game:

steam trick

As we can see, two loose games have a very low price, but with buy in a package an additional 40% discount applies and Lost in Random 3 euros cheaper than buying it separately, and on top of that you take alice gift game. Deal!

We have seen several packs of this type, so it is worth looking for them.

East steam hack to save money has an option. And they exist packages which contain the games you already own, but they don’t charge for them, so you can grab the rest with additional discount valid when buying in a package. Let’s look at this with an example.

Let’s say you want to buy a virtual reality game called Unknightly, which costs €16.79and there is no discount.

If you search Steam or look at the end of its file, you will see that it exists. package called Ultimate VR Stealth Bundle which contains several games:

Steam hack to save money

If you own most of them, as we can see in the screenshot, they don’t charge for the ones you already own, and the rest are 40% off. So in this example Unknightly goes for 10.07 euros40% cheaper than buying by weight, you save 6 euros.

Search steam game sets which contain several that you already have. The rest can be bought cheaper than in bulk. This works very well with DLC packs.

Shortly speaking, steam hack to save money is in search packages containing games before purchasing them separately. In some cases the whole package is cheaper than one loose game. In others, they will discount the games you already own, and it will be cheaper than buying them separately. Take advantage of!

Source: Computer Hoy

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