Here comes an important update on the state of Dragon Age Dreadwolf: BioWare announced that work on the Alpha phase of the game and what time is the title playable from start to finish. This means that the development is at an advanced stage, even the team has indicated that it is far from finished with the works.

The team is incredibly happy to announce a huge step in the development of the game you now know as Dragon Age: Dreadwolf – reads Gary McKay’s post from BioWare – We’ve just completed our Alpha phase! So far we’ve worked hard on the different parts of the game, but it’s only in the Alpha phase that a game shows its face. Now, for the first time, we can experience the entire game, from the first scenes of the first mission to the end. We can see, hear, feel and play everything as a homogeneous experience.

The study also underlined that from now on it will be able to focus on all other aspects of the project’s evolution: “We can now also pace of the game, the way relationships evolve over time, player participation and story can progress. We can pick up the story we’ve written and check if we’re expressing it well through the characters, the dialogues, the videos, and ultimately the player’s journey”

Bioware finally confirmed in Dreadwolf, we will also have the opportunity to visit locations only mentioned in previous games of the series, such as the city of Minrathousthe capital of the Tevinter Empire: “It is a city built and powered by magic, and it is spectacular to see how this is expressed in its visual identity, and the comparison to the earlier cities visited in Dragon Age”.

Dragon Age Dreadwolf will be available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. The project has no release date and information is very limited at this time.

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Source: Lega Nerd

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