If you’re a user of Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, you’ll be happy to hear this news. According to Jordan Cohen, an Xbox employee later reported in window center, users should be aware of the improvement in the quality of games on the platform.

As reported by the aforementioned on Reddit, players who have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which includes access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, will soon see improvements to the visual part of the titles. In particular, according to him, platforms with ChromeOS and Linux will receive this advantage. The latter includes, of course, Valve’s Steam Deck.

“Hi all! We just released a number of Xbox Cloud Gaming performance improvements for browser gamers on Linux and ChromeOS devices. You can expect higher resolution and a better streaming experience,” Cohen said.

Microsoft improves streaming technology on Xbox Cloud Gaming

The news that Xbox Cloud Gaming users receive doesn’t come from nowhere. In fact, Microsoft has been thinking about improving the service for the majority of users for some time now, especially those who play through browsers.

According to Microsoft, this is an improvement that has been in the works for some time and is based on a different streaming technology. Now it seems they have completed this transition, so those who play on Linux devices, ChromeOS or Steam Deck can take advantage of this..

While Microsoft is focusing heavily on bringing its ecosystem to more people, there is still a bit of work to be done with services like Xbox Gaming Cloud and Xbox Game Pass. After all, competitors like the NVIDIA GeForce Experience already boast much higher resolutions, and even the defunct Google Stadia has reached 4K resolution.

Now the company is much more serious about the task of improving its platform. In this way, at the same price as always, you can enjoy the best service and excellent experience.

Xbox Cloud Gaming at its best

Thanks to some statements from Phil Spencer, director of Xbox, we know that the service is experiencing the best moment in its history. As mentioned before, in just a few weeks it reached about 20 million users. This means a terrible increase compared to the previous year.

This achievement is especially noticeableEven more We believe that other platforms in the sector cannot boast the same. Google Stadia fell so low that it ceased to exist shortly after its official launch.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is a great alternative for players who want to enjoy the company’s latest exclusive releases but don’t have a console to do so. Phil Spencer has already commented that the prices of his consoles will rise in the coming years, so this is a great alternative to save a few hundred euros.

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