Personnel selection processes are generally very similar. Companies follow a regular behavior in a generalized way where people test different abilities and even tests become repetitive for applicants.

With that in mind, Horacio Llovet and Javier Krawicki created it. Nawaiam is a video game where people can define their skills by playing through different challenges where they have to save the world from a natural disaster.

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Through this process, they create a behavioral profile so employers can learn more about talent. Gamification as a methodology allows people to be more spontaneous and real while playing.

The assistance of artificial intelligence (AI) enables Nawaiam to identify natural talents among candidates, as well as measure their ability to adapt to specific jobs, dedicated to the disruption of the employment sector by professionals in the field of human resources.

People who took part in technological projects such as Primer Laburo in Argentina and TuPimeraPega in Chile, which were launched in 2014, provided Turkey with significant experience in the field of human resources. To propose a new venture involving technology in such a traditional field.

These projects have received many awards in recent years, such as first place in the HR Communication category at the 2017 Latin America Excellence Awards, and an award in the human development and social inclusion category at the 2016 and 2017 Green Latin America Awards. Recognition by AT&T as one of the top three innovation and technology platforms for social purposes in 2017, awards in the 2nd edition of the internationalization program for Argentine startups Accelerate Spain, and the King of Spain VI. International Award for Excellence in Youth Employment, awarded by Felipe in 2018.


The video game is based on Disc theory, a methodology created by dr. William Marston, who classified people’s behavior into four different types: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Determination (S), and Adaptation (C).

With technology, in just 15 minutes of gameplay, The technology of this tool is able to identify a behavioral profile that allows to learn more about people’s abilities. and with it it is possible to save 30 percent in operating costs of RR processes. H.H.

In terms of results, 89 percent of users identify with results achieved, according to company figures, and this type of initiative provides a 31 percent improvement in attracting young talent.

This tool was launched in Spain at the beginning of 2020 and is now available in six countries (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia and Paraguay) and companies like Coca-Cola, Twitch, Movistar, McDonald’s, Epson, Bimbo. and is already using this video game for the selection of Bridgestone staff.

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It is currently available in several languages ​​such as Spanish, Portuguese and English and is well received as it offers real-time data on the user’s professional profile and may contain data for future selection processes.

In an interview with EL TIEMPO, Horacio Llovet stated that the idea to promote this type of technology is to create labor awareness when participating in the selection processes, and talent shines when it comes to securing a position. “You don’t win or lose in the game, there is no bad or good profile, there are different profiles, and all that remains to be said is what the appropriate approach is at work,” the co-founder said.

Nawaiam Dashboard allows for the creation of compatibility ladders between people, specific skills and jobs previously defined by the organization.

With this, it is possible to more effectively manage and develop the selection of human talent.

Its technology also manages to filter and manage data to fit a defined process, giving companies the opportunity to customize and adjust the platform according to their search needs, so it has adopted incoming new working methods. with the pandemic.

Lina Hernandez Serrano
Technosphere Writing

Source: Exame

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