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Home Gaming Gaming mouse ‘inventor’ and Razer founder Robert ‘Razerguy’ Krakoff dies
Gaming mouse ‘inventor’ and Razer founder Robert ‘Razerguy’ Krakoff dies

Gaming mouse ‘inventor’ and Razer founder Robert ‘Razerguy’ Krakoff dies


Today there are a large number brands and peripherals with gaming version: mice, keyboards, headphones, speakers, etc. But you might be surprised to know that this is a relatively new industry because a little over 20 years ago there was no. People used ordinary mice or keyboards for gaming.

One of the pioneers in this industry was Robert “Razerguy” Krakoff, founder of Razer and chief promoter of gaming mice.which passed away April 26, at 81.

Writer, sportsman and video game lover, Robert Krakoff did not directly create the first gaming mouse, Razer Boomslangbut participated in its development and, above all, he was the visible head of Razer in that decade, urging gamers to use gaming mice. Here we can see it in the Razer Boomslang promo:


Razer Boomslang Mouse (2002)

As The Verge explains, in the late 90s, there were practically no gaming peripherals for PC. At the time, Razer was a brand of Kärna and Robert Krakoff was the brand’s CEO.

An advertising agency called Fitch, in collaboration with Krakow itself, developed the first Razer Boomslang gaming mousewhich was introduced in 1999.

Although it still worked with the old mouse wheel, it did have some optical quirks. proposed resolution 1000 or 2000 dpi (dots per inch) compared to 400 dpi for conventional mice. This made the mouse more accurate with fast movements, like in video games.

He also proposed important changes such as embossed buttons to prevent fingers from slipping through sweat or the possibility change resolution on the flydepending on whether you need more speed or more accuracy.

Despite the obvious improvements, it wasn’t easy at first to convince gamers to buy a more expensive gaming mouse. Kärna went bankrupt in 2001. This seemed to be the end of Razer, but in 2005 Robert Krakoff and Ming-Liang Tan turned the brand into a company. And, as they say, the rest is history.

Razer today a reference company in the PC gaming market, offering a wide range of products from gaming mice to keyboards, headphones, chairs, laptops, mobile phones and more.

in younger years Robert Krakoff became a professional football player for the Los Angeles Rams.where he played for five seasons.

He worked as a freelance journalist and published several books until he moved to work for Karma under his Razer brand to turn it into a gaming company, as we mentioned.

The first 10 years of Krakow, known to everyone by the nickname Razergay, has dedicated itself to promoting its products at major trade shows and in the industry’s media. He immediately earned the love and respect of the industry and gamers for his good character.

His email was open to everyone and he didn’t hesitate to chat with everyone at the fairs and give interviews to anyone who asked for it.

Since then, all Razer products have a small message signed by Razerguy. Fans of the brand and the gaming industry as a whole will miss him. Rest in peace.

Source: Computer Hoy

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