Released this week Fortnite Battle Royale chapter fourand with it the functions of the technology were tested Unreal Engine 5.1this provides superior image quality.

“Unreal Engine 5 represents an intergenerational leap in visual fidelity as it brings an unprecedented level of detail to game worlds like Battle Royale island,” explains Epic Games in a statement.

Specifically, the following aspects change and evolve:

Nanite virtualization system It allows to create a geometric architecture down to the millimeter, so buildings are rendered in real time from millions of polygons, molding each brick, stone, wooden plank and wall cladding. Natural landscapes can also be evaluated in great detail.

High quality ray tracing reflections can be realized on glossy materials and in water thanks to flux lumen.

Because even the smallest objects will have their own shadows. virtual shadow maps.

this transient super resolution It allows you to enjoy high quality graphics even at high frame rates.

The company that created the game is clearly evident from this episode of Battle Royale. players will need to run Windows 10 or later to continue playing Fortnite on PC.

So things “Windows 7 and 8 will no longer be officially compatible with Fortnite.” This is because “older operating systems not only carry higher security risks, but are also unable to run these new functions, causing us to spend a lot of time finding ways to avoid problems rather than focusing on game development.”

Daisy Contreras

Source: Exame

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