the capture of one of their drivers registered in Cauca, at the National Protection Unit (UNP), This is the key to dismantling a deep-rooted mafia within the party that includes middle and senior officials and former officials.

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Police this Saturday (December 10th) detained a van belonging to a party that was traveling along the road from La Plata in Cauca to Popayán, EL TIEMPO reported. The narcotic dog found 168 packages of cocaine in the vehicle after the driver refused to call, claiming that he was a former police officer and was under guard with him.

EL TIEMPO is the vehicle in which they transport the drugs. a Toyota Prado TXL with license plate KXU 434, leased to UNP by an armor company for the protection of threatened or at-risk authorities.

But the key to the case is in the driver, Manuel Antonio Castañeda Bernal, former deputy of the Police, assigned to one of the security plans of a former UNP officer: Ronald Rodríguez Rozo, former deputy director of asset protection.

Castañeda, 36, was already linked to another recent incident in which authorities found another illegal shipment in another party vehicle.

The incidents occurred in the sector known as Cerritos near the city of Pereira (Risaralda) on 20 August.

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Police detained the Mitsubishi minibus with license plate JVV – 976 at a checkpoint with 400 kilos of marijuana. At the time, it turned out that the vehicle belonged to Yesid Alexander Torres Rojas, under the pseudonym Mata Caballos, who was discharged from the extinct FARC guerrilla.​ ​

A second truck driver was involved in the operation, although Torres Rojas (former member of the Teófilo Forero column) was not on board: It seems that Toyota, where the ex-guerrilla was mobilized, HVP – 447 record.

According to the documents in the possession of the police, Toyota has appointed Gustavo Jaramillo and Manuel Antonio Castañeda Bernal, the same driver who was caught this Saturday.

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“@UNP’s director, Augusto Rodríguez, is asking the Nation’s Attorney General and authorities to protect the life of Manuel Antonio Castañeda, the driver of the stationary vehicle containing cocaine in Cauca, Caloto.” UNP wrote on the networks after EL TIEMPO gave details about the arrest of the driver and former police officer.

It is clear to researchers that It’s no coincidence that Castañeda Bernal appeared in both episodes. And this hypothesis is reinforced by the fact that, in addition to cocaine, dozens of UNP hats and badges are found at checkpoints, used to transport consignments of cocaine without being seized.

EL TIEMPO finds that Castañeda has already been charged for the alleged theft or seizure The embezzlement of a black metallic BMW with license plate DNL-559, which he strangely rents for 7 million pesos a month.

At the time, the owner of the high-end vehicle reported that the vehicle was handed over to a third person. In the present case, it was established that Castañeda’s address was a house in the Saint Thomas flat in Acacías (Meta).

And after he was caught on Saturday, he said he lived in an apartment in Ciudad Salitre, Bogotá.

The UNP director is expected to make a statement on the matter today, and it broke out at a time when several protected trucks were running out of trucks.

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Indeed, as EL TIEMPO reports, many of the new operators do not have the conventional and armored trucks they offer. And former operators refuse to extend the lease of their vehicles. There is talk of more than 600 truck shortages.

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