In 2022, when all hope was almost lost, silent Hill He returned triumphantly. horses confirmed that several horror franchise games were in development, ending endless years of rumors. Obviously, after this announcement, the eyes of the players were riveted to another saga, which also remained out of the spotlight for a long time: Metal Gear Hard. Luckily for us, there are a few clues that point to Snake’s return this year.

In an interview with a Japanese publication Famitsu, Konami expected that within a year we would be able to witness the return of well-known franchises. Considering the announcements of silent Hill and even locking, his words should not cause any surprise. But the most interesting is further. The company warrants that others not yet announced projects they are on their way.

“It’s the Year of the Rabbit and we’re planning new games from well-known series. On the other hand, new projects that we have not yet presented to you are also underway. Stay tuned for future announcements from Konami,” the company notes.

Since we already know most of your plans for silent Hillone cannot help but think that the “secret” projects are connected with Metal Gear Hard. This intervention by Konami also not the only evidence about the imminent return of the tactical espionage franchise.

The week before Noriaki Okamura, producer Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus, Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel D Metal Gear Solid: Portable Operationsamong other things told Famitsu what kind 2023 will be a year of many announcements for Konami.. He didn’t directly mention the franchise, but since he’s still involved with it, we can guess what he’s talking about.

remake Metal Gear Hard 3 on my way?

To all of the above, you can add various reports that have appeared throughout 2022. In October VGKestablished as a reliable source of information on upcoming games, assured Konami is going through a restructuring process aimed at bring your iconic sagas back to the world of consoles. The first step has already been taken with silent Hillbut the icing on the cake would be to do the same with Metal Gear Hard.

Konami, in fact, would have already given the green light remake Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, which many players consider to be the best game in the entire saga. It will be developed by the Virtuos studio, located in Singapore. They are usually known for participating as a cheerleading squad in other companies’ games. Zero dawn horizon, Bioshock Compilation, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s Way D Battlefield V some of them.

In addition, Konami also intends to create remasters of other parts, including the first. Metal Gear Hard.

Let’s not forget that there are more on the way movie by Sony Pictures starring Oscar Isaac. While time is ticking and we don’t see production even starting, the aforementioned actor recently commented that the project is still alive. “We want this to happen. What’s the scenario? What’s the story? What’s the idea? (…) I hope that it will come true, because there is a lot of potential for this,” he said.

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