Xbox is a video game brand created by Microsoft. It went on sale in North America 22 years ago and has become a memory of this generation.

This sixth-generation console offers a subscription called Xbox Game Pass and lets you download lots of video games.

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one of these Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes an Xbox Live Gold subscription and lets you play certain games online. Also, Microsoft is giving away free games every month.

You have to pay to access this pass, but we explain it here how to get them for free and legally.

you can by Microsoft Rewards is a platform where you earn points that you can then redeem for various rewards such as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.

As stated on their official page, you need to download the app to your Xbox and sign up for free. You can then discover the rewards and the number of points you need.

Remember that you collect points not only on your Xbox, but also on other devices like your computer. In fact, if you use the Bing search engine, you will have additional points.

“You can even increase your earnings by searching Bing on mobile, Edge, and Windows 10,” says Microsoft.

Therefore, every day there are certain tasks that earn points, and with them you can buy codes. For example, One month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is redeemed for 12,000 points.


Source: Exame

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