This is the weirdest Apple TV bug that will kill your patience

With the next tvOS update, Apple should fix a problem that has been going on for years!

Apple TV hardware app causes annoying problem for users

We are used to immediacy, for better or for worse. And entitlement to an optimal experience is a fundamental requirement, especially when using digital services. Unfortunately for its users AppleTVthis is a debt that the bitten apple cannot fulfill.

Apple has been offering movies on iTunes since 2006, and many users have purchased a lot of movies since then. Again, When uploading content to the library, the process usually takes a minute or more. Although the situation has been quiet for a while due to the emergence of the Apple TV app and Siri search, the underlying issue still remains.

Apple TV is not easy for all users

Clarifying what most users think but prefer to ignore for their own peace of mind, a user decided to share their experience in a Twitter threadproducing hundreds of reactions from users with the same experience. Apple TV enthusiast and Screen Times editor Sigmund Judge shows that the Apple TV app running on Apple TV 4K takes about 40 seconds to fill the library tab with 3,200 movies.

To make his point clear, the judge cites how other platforms with the Apple TV app load the Library tab. a) Yes, Roku Stick 4K, Playstation, Amazon Fire, Google Chromecast, and others instantly loaded the tab.

However, every time the Apple TV app is forcibly closed and reopened, the library tab needs to be reloaded from scratch. This behavior is strange, especially since the Apple TV now a larger internal storage with a maximum of 128GB.

Even though the judge had stated his purpose, he still The cause of this problem is unknown. For now, Apple is expected to offer a fix in upcoming updates. It could possibly come with the launch of tvOS during WWDC in June of this year.

Source: i Padizate

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