This the alleged murder of young DJ Valentina Trespalacios by her boyfriend John Poulos The morning of January 22 shocked thousands of people. According to the autopsy report, the woman died by hanging before being beaten on various parts of her body.

This The body of the 21-year-old was found in a blue suitcase in a dumpster. From the neighborhood of Cámbulos in the town of Fontibón, at 2 pm the same day.


The crime must have been committed in flat 802 of the luxury Kappadocia residential complex in northern Bogotá. Rented by Poulos of American descent for a few days.

The EL TIEMPO Investigation Unit learned about the statement given to the authorities by Ennis, the chambermaid of the rental flat. The woman pointed out that the stranger left the house at 11:45 am on Sunday, January 22.

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He also added that the only thing that caught his attention was that he threw his clothes on the passenger seat of the car he was in, took out a few suitcases and asked for more time to enter the venue.

She later informed the prosecutor’s office that when the chambermaid entered apartment 802, she found everything in order and even noticed that someone was sweeping the floors. “There were condom packets in the bathroom trash cans, chopped lemons (…) in the kitchen. The beds were messy. Nothing strange to me, the towels were clean.”

Despite the woman’s statement, the prosecutor of the case, Daniel Gómez, said: John Poulos would clean up the crime scene where young Trespalacios died.. The hearing against him will continue at 9 a.m. this Tuesday, January 31st.

Source: Exame

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