The United States Embassy, ​​in a post on its social networks, announced that they fixed the glitches that made it difficult to make an appointment on the website. visa processing.

We’ve had some technical issues with our appointment system, but we’re happy to announce that we’ve resolved the issues, and anyone who qualifies for a no-interview visa can now make an appointment to leave their passport with us for the process.‘ said Vice-Consul Aaron.

For this reason, those who have not turned 14, have turned 79 and need to renew their current or expired visas in the last 48 months can apply for a visa without an interview, and they can only leave their documents at the Embassy. .


In the case of renewal, the Vice-Consul explained that applying for any visa is the same process, “So you just have to go to the website, the system will ask you some questions and will tell you if you are eligible for the process without the interview”.

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If you qualify for the no-interview process, you will have to wait three to four months for your visa to be submitted as soon as you submit the paperwork. However, the Vice-Consul assured that they were working so that the process would only take three weeks.

On the other hand, Regarding scheduling appointments for B1 and B2 visa interviews, the Embassy member explained that the waiting period is two years.. “Sometimes appointments happen and I think those waiting for appointments should check our page and see if we have more appointments.‘ he stated.

He added that just because you’ve already been summoned doesn’t mean you can’t constantly check the web page, because that won’t cancel the current appointment.

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As for student visas, exchange or work visas, appointments are available within a month.. However, priority appointments are available if you have a special situation that requires you to urgently travel to a North American country.

We have made some priority appointments for those in an emergency.“For example, for a family member with medical treatment, a family disaster, or a complex health issue,” Aaron said.

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If this is your first time to process your appointment, you must go to the Embassy website, enter your details, fill out the form, pay $160 (648,974 Colombian pesos at today’s exchange rate) for the transaction, and wait. appointment to be made. meeting.

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Source: Exame

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