no doubt Netflix It has one of the largest catalogs of TV shows and movies of any platform currently in existence, especially when it comes to its own production. Important to many, this can be a problem for the company itself, resulting in the inability to sustain everything it produces over time. And therefore, come painful cancellations.

It is true that there are some creations, for example logicalthey don’t finish curling and users do not see them As requested by the VOD service. And so it makes sense that you might end up with a story that doesn’t deliver the expected returns. However, at the moment, there are cancellations that are quite significant. surprise because we are talking about widely followed movies or series unfortunately for viewers who now find themselves in an unpleasant ‘left behind’ situation.

The Netflix series 1899 is a clear example of this.

This creation, which came to the platform in December, got really important data for what we’re talking about. Less than 79 million hours watched since launch. In other words, it lags behind another big success of the platform: The Crown. It has also been on the list of the most watched series on Netflix for a long time. This should, in principle, count it as a success… but the company doesn’t think the same.

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And what was the result? Well, simply and simply cancel the array. We’re talking about something official, because one of the creators of the series (Baran bo Odar) conveyed this on her Instagram profile. It even reveals that the idea for 1899 to have three seasons arose, but that it would not be possible to decipher the plot exactly. At this time, Netflix has not given any explanation as to why this decision was made, and everything indicates that it is very likely that it will never be known.

Therefore, the series we are talking about has been published. same chance as others with a substantial fan baseLike Warrior Nun or First Kill.

quantity problem

It’s true that if you’re a Netflix subscriber it’s a pleasure to browse the huge database, but this has some issues that can be seen right now: you can’t keep up with everything that’s streamed. Therefore, if there is something negative – however small – that does not fit into a new array, it can be canceled without the slightest problem. And the decision leaves many in suspense and at the same time gives a sense of improvisation.

It is not surprising that a few are not clear They don’t watch anything completely unfinished on Netflix., because this way unpleasant surprises are avoided. This doesn’t seem like the best possible route, especially in situations like 1899, but that’s the way things are… Fortunately, most competitors aren’t following the same steps, at least for now.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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