Godzilla and King Kong are two great additions to Warzone this new season. Operation Monarch in Call of Duty has just begun, and with it a flurry of content, modifications to some types of weapons in the game and in general, big change in the game meta. But two great movie monsters are able to return everything that one of the world’s most popular battle royales has lost.

And the thing is, since the advent of Caldera, the game has brought with it so many problems that it seems that the only solution would be a clean slate, which will bring, presumably next year, a new version of the game out of hand. from modern warfare 2.

Warzone today, and especially in its console version, it’s unplayable on your main map. It’s not just problems popping up permanent, as well as disconnections, graphical errors in mapped or issues where elements of the game literally disappear on the PlayStation 5. The previous generation versions of the game are even worse.

Warzone is a disaster on consoles

And this is not new. Since the release of Pacific, the game has never been the same. And the problem is much more serious than poor integration with Black Ops. These are very big problems. They greatly affect the gaming experience even on powerful consoles such as the Series X or PS5.

And yes, the new color palette is much better suited for a gaming display, but performance issues greatly spoil the impression:

Example of persistent issues in Caldera on PS5. Via u/MIKNIE Reddit

Godzilla and King Kong – two big claims, sniper rifle changes and new playlists they are also a great game health booster. And there are big QoL additions that certainly make Warzone better than it was at launch, but it really comes down to nothing if the game continues to drag along huge seemingly unsolvable code issues that with every major update they even return errors that are supposedly already fixed.

It’s not very clear that in the coming months, much less knowing that Modern Warfare 2 is coming in October with a new Battle Royale experience (as early as 2023), they’ll be a big enough boost for Raven to fix huge issues in the game. And as the months go by, things will certainly get worse.

And all this without taking into account the fact that at some point the Pacific update also downloaded many elements of Modern Warfare for users. who just want to play their multiplayer.

For several updates the game hasn’t been the same, huge performance issues in a multiplayer game that already has three games and so it should run like silk, but instead of getting better, it got a lot worse.

It seems like most gamers don’t want World War II anymore, but it’s pretty clear that everyone who still plays Warzone today (and there are several million of them) doesn’t want the game to stay that way for much longer.

And a bad game will not fix this, of course, neither Godzilla nor King Kong. At this point, it looks like Raven does too. At least not on time.

Source: Hiper Textual

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