One of the most outstanding releases of this year in the world of video games, Resident Evil 4 Remakewill be on sale later March 24, as announced CapcomJapanese video game company.

But there’s no need to wait for that date to discover this modern and expanded adaptation of the iconic story: starting March 9 demo version video game titled Saw Demo (Chain Saw Demo) free And no usage time limit.


This is available for trial version PlayStation 4, play station 5 and also for Xbox Series X|S from their respective digital stores. Also available for: computer.

According to Capcom’s recent conference on their new products, this promotion is mostly designed to familiarize players with what’s new in the game before they want to buy the full version.


The adaptation is also based on preserving the essence of the original 2005 video game, so the additions and modifications it introduces are largely tailored to that purpose, for example the modernized gameplay, unpublished details at least in the story passages, a hitherto sighted new enemy, more side missions and of course enhanced graphics .

If you want to be one of the first to experience the game, please note the following information on how to get this demo version:

Inside computeron the platform Steam.
on consoles play station (PS4 and PS5), on the platform PS Storeaccessible from both the console and the web page.
on consoles xbox (X|S Series), on the shelf Microsoft Storeaccessible from both the console and the web page.

resident evil 4 It’s a cult classic. A landmark game in the horror and survival genre, it was developed and released by Capcom for the GameCube in 2005 and was later adapted for other media such as PlayStation 2, Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Leon S. Kennedy, a former police officer, is the main character of the game and must travel to a remote town in Spain to rescue the daughter of US President Ashley Graham, who has been kidnapped by the mysterious Los Illuminados cult. Developed from a third-person perspective, his quest must face puzzles and survive among the inhabitants of this tormented town and a crowd of Cattle caught in a plague.


The game received great acclaim for its gameplay, graphics, story and other areas. It achieved the best video game position of the year in special publications such as Nintendo Power And Game Informerand in retrospect it is considered the forerunner and masterpiece of the first decade of this century.

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