they say in public ‘Argentine bocachico’, but its common name in the south of the continent ‘shad fish’.

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Informal sellers and even large supermarkets try to sell this imported fish to the market. Colombian bocachico. AND Given the similarity, many buyers think that they are consuming the scientifically named national fish. Prochilodus magdalenae and whose genome was deciphered to save it from extinction.

As a matter of fact, fish traders started bringing the tarpon about 15 years ago, due to the scarcity of bocachico, as this species is declining in Black Sea waters. Magdalena, Cauca, Atrato and Sinú.

pseudo-scientific name ‘Argentine bocachico’ or tarpon is is Prochilodus platensis or Prochilodus linneatus.

lives in the river silver It is in the south of the continent and is mainly imported. Argentina and Uruguay.

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Both tarpon and bocachico are part of the same family (Pochilodontidae) and genus (Prochilodus), but are different species.

‘Argentine bocachico’ is an exotic species, it is not grown in Colombia and the import of breeders is not allowed.

Although these two species look similar to the naked eye, they have a few differences.

HE ‘bocachico argentino’ much larger, Since it exceeds 50 centimeters and the bocachico of the Colombian rivers can be measured from 25 to 30cm

According to this National Aquaculture and Fisheries Authority, AUNAP, the tarpon can be distinguished by its color greenish gray there is a yellow area on the abdomen or belly and the mouth is circular and two sets of teeth.

Because it must remain frozen for hours when imported, its flavor is highly variable and costs 100 per kilogram in Colombia. Between 10 thousand and 11 thousand pesos.

“The shaving grass may change according to the freezing process, it is tasteless, different, the freezing time is 15 days, it changes flavor in the cold, it is tasteless, sweet. like rubber“While the natural here is fresh and appetizing, people prefer a fish like bocachico to eat,” said Jhon Jairo Restrepo, Technical Director of Management and Development of AUNAP. the shadow is still frozen.

The expert explains that by keeping the fish in the refrigerator for a long time, it loses some vitamins at low temperatures and this changes its flavor.

According to research done by Catholic University of Uruguay, Tarpon is a freshwater fish and apart from being found in the Río de la Plata, Cuareim, Queguay, St. Lucia.

when it comes Colombia’s flagship fish recognizable not only by its size, but also by its coloration in adults. uniform silver with pectoral fin and pelvises with red and yellow hues.

It has a small mouth with two rows of scalloped teeth, and its commercial value per kilogram is in the range.8,000 and 9,000 pesos.

From 2022 to the first months of 2023, imports decreased considerably.

According to AUNAP, there was an intention to import 4,519 tons of tarpon from Argentina last year, and only 1,500 tons were imported in January and February.

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​ ​
Something similar is happening with imports from Uruguay: 4,813 tons were intended to be imported in 2022, and 855 tons were imported into the country this year.

According to research by the Catholic University of Uruguay, tarpon is mainly exported to: Colombia, Brazil, Nigeria and Cameroon. The way to transfer to other countries is whole, frozen in 10 to 20 pound boxes as mentioned earlier.


Source: Exame

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