Inside In an hour-long conversation attributed to former senator Aida Merlano, she talks about the millionaire debts politicians from Sahil will have with her.There are also mentions of those allegedly linked to criminal organizations.

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In the interview recorded in January 2022, When the former senator was held in Venezuela, there were mentions of links with structures such as the ‘Rastrojos’, the ‘Costeños’ and even the ‘Gulf clan’.

“This is already vox populi, “Chiquito Malo”, “Gaitanistas”, real “Rastrojos”, locals. There is another group of good ‘Costeños’ (…). There are 4 groups that dominate there strongly, they are more compacts (…) They love me, they adore me. Rather. From ‘La Nena’, they don’t underestimate me, ‘Comadre’, you might hear who Aida Merlano would be.

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Word of these criminal structures appeared In a chat where they talked about raising large sums of money from the person who would become the current mayor in the Atlántico department and any other debts Merlano will attempt to collect.

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In this context, The woman assures that Dairo Antonio Úsuga, the reinstated head of the ‘gulf clan’, is a friend of the sister of his pseudonym Otoniel.

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“I met someone who was the boss over there.. I’m saying it’s him, ‘Otoniel’, who is in prison. You know I’m your sister’s friend. Her sister is a great friend. They have cells all over Colombia and they have a database that knows you, anyone who has encountered hp or even micro-smuggling or something (…) so it turns out I learned from them”, is heard in speech.

And in clear reference to Char’s political clan, whom he accuses of being part of a corrupt vote-buying network, he says: “They’re in the Country, in Guacherna. They’re going to have to disappear, they’re going to close the Olympics, they’re going to close all the chain stores, or do you think I don’t have the money to bomb all those hp stores if they want to? Who loses more in a war between me and them right now?

Now, Authorities are asked to confirm whether the speaker is a former senator who was recently deported and to investigate possible criminal acts, including contributions to candidates are not reported.

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About The “Gulf clan” recording the audio assures that Merlano’s friend mentioned that the “Gulf clan” is Nini Johana Úsuga David, nicknamed La Negra, for the former head of finance. As it turns out EL TIEMPO was released exclusively for his time in prison in the United States of America, ‘la Negra’.

However, before it is returned, Nicknamed la Negra, she was serving a sentence at the Buen Pastor women’s prison in Bogotá at the same time, where former congresswoman Aida Merlano is being held.

in speech You also hear about who would be Merlano, talking about the murder and insecurity of a former paramilitary in Barranquilla. “Hey yes, they say it’s up to 500,000 pesos (hitmen). The truth is I haven’t seen Barranquilla for 4 years, they say it’s not the same anymore”.

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And he adds: “Among other things, I already found out about this Javier Acosta, I’m not his friend, I’ve never met him and they told me they killed him and shot him with about 20,000 bullets, I don’t know where he came from, I know that guy”.

is asked whether Javier Acosta the woman is talking about, Javier Orlando Acosta Maestre, nicknamed Baltazar. A prominent former paramilitary in Barranquilla, who was shot dead in 2019, While traveling in an armored truck in Santa Marta.

In this context, the woman says:I’m talking to you because I’m not afraid of anything, not even the devil because I think I’m the devil and you think you’re a little devil, but I guess I gave birth to you. (…) so I’m a demon and if I don’t forgive, I give and take everyone’s time”.

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Merlano’s defense at the head of the penalty shooter Miguel Ángel del Río also demanded that the Prosecutor’s Office verify the authenticity of the audio and its content. However, he stated that he expected his client to be the target of attacks, so he will begin to explain the corruption network operating in Sahil before the Chief Prosecutor’s Office and the Supreme Court next week.

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