The existence of aliens has been talked about a lot on social networks lately.After videos of the US Government shooting several unidentified objects were posted on social networks.

Although the US administration said they did not have extraterrestrial signs, many Internet users said they did not believe them.

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In fact, user @radianttimetraveler, who calls himself Eno Alaric on TikTok, made sure he was a time traveler and supposedly knew the answer to multiple questions. He claimed that the end of the world was near and only a few people could survive.

He also guaranteed that an alien spaceship called “Champion” would come to earth.

“The world you call home, Earth, is on the verge of extinction because of a hostile alien species. The ‘champion’ will choose the best people to keep everyone alive,” he wrote in his video. He also assured that this would happen. They said that they will take 23 March of this year and 8 thousand people to another world.


‘Champion’ is led by an alien team from 2671. Alaric assured that these beings were hostile and that humanity would have no chance of winning if it faced them.

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Apparently, after the invasion, the rescued people will be tasked with saving the human race. He also said that in May a mega tsunami would hit California and would affect San Francisco above all else.

Considering these estimates, few Internet users doubt the veracity of these videos and do not believe it will happen. On the other hand, they pointed out that Eno was not the first person to claim to be a time traveler.

“When that so-called champion will come, he chooses me and I’m there”, “And the dates you gave were not fulfilled”, “When was that trip ask permission” at work..confirm”, “If it were true everything would change “Read the comments.


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