While Fortnite has remained in the collective imagination as a colorful cartoon game for a niche population, the truth is that its parent company, Epic, is introducing a series of tools that could change everything. Using Fortnite as a showcase, its developer introduced the Unreal Editor for Fortnite.

It is a map and world editor that, with the help of Unreal tools, allows you to create and create maps, game modes and incredible worlds in a relatively simple way and is available to anyone who wants to ask how it is used.

This is not a map editor, but a set of tools that, with the help of Unreal, allow you to completely create games. new one using Fortnite as a base and as a site for users to enjoy.

Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) is only available on PC and works in conjunction with the Fortnite Creative tools. However, while the app is exclusive to Windows, the creators can develop and test the islands in real time and on consoles, so you won’t be limited to just this version of the game.

Unreal Editor for Fortnite could change the game forever

Epic says this is the first version and it will improve a lot over time. According to the company, UEFN will develop until most of the tools available in Unreal Engine are enabled.therefore, it opens the door to many features, including the creation of photorealistic worlds.

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UEFN is currently in public beta and already allows you to create a wide variety of games and experiences, ranging from team play modes with a cartoony aesthetic to ultra-realistic simulations that you can play right in the version of Fortnite without installing anything else. . . . This is everything included in the preview:

  • User Content Design With tools modeling And material creation.
  • Matter meshes, textures, animation and sound.
  • Use Niagara to create visual effects.
  • revive with control rigs And sequencer.
  • Develop game mechanics with see each other.
  • Build landscapes to create environments.
  • Create more opportunities with division of the world.
  • Use Awesome (alpha) to discover and import resources.
  • use live editing Collaborate in real time with other people.
  • comprehensive cooperation With Unreal version control.

The difference between the Fortnite editor and the Unreal editor, until they both catch up, is that UEFN is only meant to create experiences for Fortnite and publish them to Fortnite, which also means it’s somewhat more limited to epic game options.

Be that as it may, this is a turning point in the platform that could greatly change the dynamics of the industry. Similar to what Roblox does but with potential and a company behind it like Epic and its Unreal Engine 5.

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