2022 was marked by the collapse of several large crypto projects. As a result of the FTX crash, the BlockFi bankruptcy and the Celsius liquidity crisis, users have lost billions of dollars, however, as a new study from the Paxos platform shows, around 89% of those surveyed They still don’t see any problem in using centralized exchanges.

89% of users trust centralized crypto exchanges even after FTX crash

Blockchain platform Paxos has published the results of its annual survey on trust in centralized financial instruments. Despite the fact that “2022 was like a roller coaster”, the majority of users have not changed their minds.

The survey showed that of those who followed the FTX issues, more than half (57%) of the respondents decided to buy more cryptocurrency or do nothing. Only 43% of those surveyed panicked.

Furthermore, even after the collapse of the second largest centralized cryptocurrency exchange, 89% of respondents still trust intermediaries to store their cryptocurrency. 75% of the respondents said that they are waiting for the introduction of cryptographic tools in the applications of their banks and are ready to buy tokens immediately after the appearance of such an opportunity.

Despite the rocky 2022, users have not lost faith in cryptocurrency investments. Most of the metrics are unchanged from last year’s report, highlighting the crypto community’s belief in the mainstream adoption of Web3 in the future.

Paxos Blockchain Platform

The survey involved 5,000 US cryptocurrency exchange users over the age of 18 with an income of more than $50,000 per year.

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Grigory Shcheglov

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