“The Last of Us” fans remember playing the game for the first time in 2013. Until then, the game was released exclusively for Sony on PlayStation 3. Ten years later, Naughty Dog, the studio that produced the game, brought the game to PC for thousands more players to experience. joel and ellie experience.

However, the public is quite critical of the broadcast. The game has a “mostly negative” rating. by players on the Steam platform where it can be purchased.

According to the ‘vandal’ portal, one of the main issues is the initial compilation of ‘shaders’. Users have reported that their teams had to work overtime to perform this action, which could take up to 45 minutes, delaying the possibility of playing.

In addition, several reviews mention sudden exits from the program, leaving players on the desktop screen and not allowing them to play. “The game crashes every 20 minutes, not well optimized. Looks great but needs better optimization“User wrote ‘Xalta’ in Steam review.

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Likewise, ‘Vandal’ reported that other players noticed. faulty animations, ‘clipping’ issues (when one object intersects another), and frames per second while playing.

Thereupon, Naughty Dog announced on Twitter that users were aware of their claims and taking steps to solve problems.

Bugs can take some time to resolve, and fans of the series are looking forward to playing with the updated graphics and the strength of their team. Unless there is a solution most likely video game sales will suffer.


Source: Exame

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