Developed by Mediatonic and released for PC and PlayStation in 2020, the popular game Fall Guys, finally coming to Xbox one and Series X|S consoles, Nintendo Switch and Epic Games Store This was announced by the company in a live broadcast on Monday, May 16.

The video game will arrive on these platforms on June 21, in addition to an optimized version for PlayStation 5.

Likewise, Mediatonic has stated that from then on, Fall Guys will not be available in stores and will be free for all players. Instead, the title will implement a currency called ‘beans’, where players will be able to purchase different cosmetic items and purchase the new season pass, which will be applied starting the new season.

The season pass will consist of 100 levels. In addition to introducing new costumes and unlockables,It offers players the chance to purchase the next pass at no additional cost as long as they unlock all levels.

On the other hand, with the arrival of new platforms, Fall Guys will be ‘cross-play’ and will have cross-platform progression thanks to Epic’s online services.


Mediatonic noted that those who purchase the game will now receive a reward for the game being free. This will be a ‘Legacy Pack’ which includes Nickname, Tagline, Sovereign Skin, Veggie Dog Skin, Brawler Dwarf Skin and Season 1 Premium Pass.


On the other hand, the company pointed out that those who purchased the game through Steam can continue to receive updates on this platform. However, new players will be able to download Fall Guys from the Epic Games Store, not Steam.

Source: Exame

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