Posting on social networks sale of your vehicle cost him his life Jesus David Amaya SuarezHe is an environmental engineer by profession and an employee of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. pitalitohula


Pitalito mayor Édgar Muñoz said: “The heartache of my wife and the entire family is gripped by the death of someone we love at the hands of the criminals we have encountered and fought.”

The story of this crime, which mobilized the citizens of Pitalito, for whom Amaya Suárez is known, began with a post on her Facebook account weeks ago. Mazda brand car encouraged the sale of the car with IDV 810 plate for 43 million pesos.

According to the publication, unidentified people who called him to the El Paraíso neighborhood to see the car and conduct the negotiations contacted him the previous Wednesday.

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Unsuspecting 29-year-old Jesús David went out Wednesday afternoon to meet with buyers, but He was eventually abducted by strangers who set him up.

“He was contacted via Facebook to negotiate the car, but the alleged buyers did not buy anything and what they did was to keep the car,” said the mayor of Pitalito.

As he was not seen or had any knowledge of his whereabouts, the Police activated their search throughout the urban area of ​​this municipality to find him and also arrest the criminals holding him.

According to Mayor Muñoz, Police found the vehicle at noon on Thursday, April 13, being driven by an unidentified man believed to have participated in the murder of Jesus David. same car

The authorities are astonished The man driving the car, whose identity is unknown, drove several times through the streets of Pitalito with the lifeless body of Jesús David.. He even visited the headquarters of the Transit and Transport Institute with the intention of delivering the vehicle, but the transaction was not carried out.

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After analyzing the facts and dealing with unfinished business, Authorities believe that Jesús David Amaya was killed on the night of April 12. the next day, the person who is likely to be the perpetrator of the murder went to the transit offices of the municipality and carried out the transfer, this situation was also confirmed by the security cameras of the institution.

“When the police approached at a nearby pass, the person fled in a car, but was eventually caught,” the president said.

Pitalito Police stated that personnel and an unidentified person were searched from the quadrants of Sijín, Gaula and neighboring municipalities where the vehicle was located in the La Gaitana neighborhood.

The police said, “When necessary, the person bought the vehicle, but when the patrol vehicle noticed the lifeless body of a person inside the vehicle, the person fled immediately.” wooded area.

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Authorities confirmed that Jesús David Amaya Suárez died from a gunshot to the head. It was also possible to establish that the lifeless body of the Pitalito Mayor’s employee was left in the trunk of the car overnight.

The suspect, whose identity could not be learned, was referred to the prosecutor’s office for an investigation about the alleged perpetrator of the murder. It was also known that the victim in this case was a relative of the president’s wife.

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Source: Exame

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