Nevado del Ruiz volcano has had different changes since its level. activity may be orange trigger in a possible explosion. Among the directions followed is one that could be a good sign, according to the Colombian Geological Service (SGC).

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By April 21st, there is magma pressure inside the crater. This causes earthquakes and rock fractures as magma seeks a way out. There are also thermal anomalies detected by satellites in Arenas crater. Even a temperature of over 700 °C has been recorded.

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Ash output is combined with sulfur dioxide emission. According to the SGC, “it indicates that the volcanic system has not completely shut down.” Had it been closed, the gases inside would “build up, increasing the probability of an explosion exponentially.”

Yes definitely, The call from the authorities, stay informed, “do not let your guard down” and follow the advice of charities.especially in areas around the volcano where some residents have not been evacuated.

“There is a chance it will explode in days or weeks. No one can say when it will happen. Another option is for it to calm down and not explode. We act almost as if it’s going to explode,” said director Luis Fernando Velasco. He is responsible for the National Disaster Risk Management Unit (UNGRD).

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The behavior of the volcano is very unstable. That’s why “there remains a greater probability of eruptions in days or weeks than in the last 10 years,” the SGC says.

The transition from orange to yellow requires “a reasonable period of time during which trends and patterns can be observed, allowing us to understand the potential decline in activity, which may take several weeks”.

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Source: Exame

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