Vanessa Navarro, better known as the “Queen of Telesales”, became famous for selling home and skin care products on television in many Latin American countries. WITH At all hours of the day, her face appeared on screens to promote all manner of materials for personal well-being.

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Born in 1972 in Bucaramanga, she is the sister of three boys (Mauricio, Sergio and Juan Pablo), the daughter of a father and a mother. Stella DuranIn 2018, he was investigated by the prosecutor’s office for alleged corruption in Invima, but this problem did not affect him and his companies continued their normal course.

Navarro won the love of millions of viewers, who wholeheartedly believe in weight loss and cosmetics. because she never wanted to showcase the tabloid models in her programs, but with real cases of people who trust their work and manage to improve their quality of life with his advice.

“You have an image of yourself and you want it to be one-sided, but when you see yourself, you see your sagging, cellulite and excess weight and it shocks you. and what it does in the mind of the buyer is that they don’t want to buy. So you feel so bad because of what you saw (supermodels) that you’re leaving”; He told EL TIEMPO journalist Julián Isaza in 2013.

Recently, Santanderean has returned to media attention for reporting that he is suffering from a serious autoimmune disease: Skin cancer.

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A few days ago, news came that the presenter was suffering from skin cancer. Commenting on the ‘I know everything on Canal Uno’ program, In the middle of a corporate meeting with some of their company’s partners, they briefed him on the diagnosis.

“I remember zooming in with people at my company, and I reply and they’re like, ‘We got the results. yes it was positive you have cancer skin,” he reported.

“It shocks you so much when they tell you. The businesswoman said: “I have never gone through a psychological process to deal with such things.” It’s been a two-year process fighting cancer diseases.

Likewise, although the program’s reporters once recovered, The tiny tumors that set off their alarm reappear. Two biopsies told him his health was again at risk.

says most likely solarium What he was exposed to a few years ago was responsible for the consequences for his skin today.

“I started going to the solarium. It was right in 2000. I could have gone 15-20 times in that year, I forget and never went to a tanning room again, I’m losing my desire to be gold.” I am very well aware of the damage done by the sun and I am starting to take care of myself.“, aforementioned.

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“Ultimately, my advice is to think hard before going to the tanning bed (especially my young followers because they have a life ahead of them and they don’t think it will happen to them) and protect themselves a lot. always sunscreen,” she said.

On the other hand, he left an emotional message on his social networks that he hopes to raise awareness among his digital community so that they can start taking better care of their health and go for constant medical checkups to avoid setbacks.

“Sometimes we think that statistics only apply to other people, that the 3% or 10% or 20% probability almost never includes yourself (speaking for myself) and then you realize that you’re probably part of that ratio,” he wrote.

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