Video game fairs have been in decline for a long time. It is logical when for several years each of the major developers and industry players wants their own event. All the spotlights pointing to your event and don’t get lost among the hundreds of E3 news. Now, after several years of falling due to the pandemic, it seems that E3 will no longer be the same.

As noted in IGNthree major manufacturers will not be at the 2023 event. Neither Sony, Microsoft nor Nintendo will be attending what has so far been the most significant trade show in the video game industry.

This is an expected move if we look back and, logically, it has been brewing behind the scenes for some time that the three big manufacturers are no longer interested. no exposition, no lighting to attend the fair.

In fact, Sony skipped E3 in 2019, before the pandemic. and has not participated in the convention since. Not in a virtual format. Microsoft, one of the major companies that held its flagship event during the days of the show, confirmed last week that it would be hosting the show in Los Angeles this summer. but without directly quoting E3.

E3, who returned in person but with a smaller presence than ever

Nintendo, despite being physically present at the Los Angeles Convention Center a few years ago, has proven time and time again that it can promote great releases through its Direct. No need to make a presentation at E3.

It remains at large Ubisoft that, given rumors of cancellations and delays of its major franchises, as well as Assassin’s Creed’s relatively recently unveiled plans, it doesn’t seem like it’s in for big announcements at E3.

And Activision, although with a physical presence in recent years, its major franchises have been showcased at stand-alone events that have garnered everyone’s attention. Gone are the years when Call of Duty greeted visitors to Los Angeles at the front gate of the convention center.

Also, the rest, while important, are not vital. And as the industry moves on maybe 2023 suppose a paradigm shift for the future of the fair. And if E3 is changing, then the video game industry has already reached a new level. Neither better nor worse. The difference is that each of the big players wants to get their 15 minutes without competing in time and attention with their main competitors.

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