Here are 20 new games coming to Apple Arcade today

Apple Arcade catalog 200+ exclusive games

Do you want to try something new? It is not necessary to jump from a parachute at an altitude of 5,000 meters, it is enough to try a parachute. new game Enjoy new thrills and, in some cases, an exhilarating experience you’ll never forget on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac.

In my case, I still remember personally playing an Iron Man game on my first iPad, as I remember other games from my childhood like Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda, or Age of Empires II. But it was a magical feeling. While the graphics on the iPad weren’t the best in the world, touching a large touchscreen and seeing how the character reacted was a unique feeling. Now this could happen to you A new selection of 20 games recently coming to Apple Arcade.

Apple announces 20 new games coming to Apple Arcade


TMNT Splintered Fate in Apple Arcade for Mac

The Cupertino company has released a new ad spot on its YouTube channel to celebrate the arrival of 20 new games on Apple Arcade. Characters like Red (Angry Birds), Michelangelo (Ninja Turtles), Barry Steakfries (Jetpack Joyride)…and even a dinosaur!

“TMNT Splintered Fate”, “Cityscapes: Sim Builder”, “WHAT THE CAR?” and “LIMB+”:

  • TMNT Shattered Fate
  • Disney Magic
  • City Scenes: Sim Builder
  • Chess World+
  • Farming Simulator 20+
  • exceed +
  • Hill Climb Race+
  • Iron Marines+
  • Disney Coloring World+
  • Disney Escape Blast+
  • Kingdom Two Crowns+
  • Playdead’s LIMBO+
  • Temple Run+
  • Time Locker+
  • My Town Home – Family Games+
  • Octodad: Dadliest Catch+
  • PPKP+
  • Very Little Nightmares+

You can find all the news in the Apple Arcade catalog in the “Apple Arcade” tab just below the App Store.

What if you don’t have an Apple Arcade? No problem. Apple’s video game platform sells for just 4.99 euros per month, but completely free trial period. There are also many ways to access services like Apple Music, Apple TV+ or Apple Arcade for free. Even if you have recently purchased an Apple product, you will still have access to some of these services.

In case you want more, we invite you to visit this list of the best Apple Arcade games of 2023 and this selection of retro games for iPhone and iPad from the App Store. Let’s Play!

Source: i Padizate

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