Have you rented a house and noticed that it has deteriorated and needs to be painted? Or on the contrary, as a tenant, did you take your property from the tenant at a loss? Be careful because Colombian law explains what to do in these situations.

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In accordance with the Civil Code and Law No. 820 of 2003 regulating rental agreements, The tenant or tenant must ensure that the property is in good condition.

Article 2029 of the Civil Code specifies the specific obligations that the person has:

In case of damage due to any reason other than the passage of time or deterioration due to normal use, the responsibility belongs to the tenant. For example, if, as a tenant, you bought the house painted and scratched the walls or the damage you did to them was the result of abnormal use, you “must make any necessary repairs or replacements promptly and at your own expense.” So, for this special occasion you need to paint them.

This is known as local repairs, arrangements made to keep the property in the condition it was received. Article 1998 of the Civil Code establishes: “The tenant is obliged to make on-site repairs. Private property repairs are generally understood as such repairs, which are under the responsibility of the tenant according to the customs of the country. deterioration, such as damage to walls, usually caused by the fault of the tenant or their dependents or fences, sewers and ditches, glass breakage, etc.“.

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In its place, The tenant is not responsible for “time and damage caused by legitimate use.or force majeure or a fortuitous event, or poor quality due to the age of the building, the nature of the floor or construction defects”, according to article 2028 of the Civil Code.

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For example, if the walls have deteriorated due to moisture or other defects in the building, it is the homeowner who must respond.

It should be clarified that Both parties can reach an agreement from the moment they sign the lease. The landlord can ask their tenants to return the painted property if this is the case on the initial document.

To resolve issues, both landlord and tenant can go to a reconciliation center where each case will be looked into on a private basis.

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