Netflix decided to add a third button to indicate that we like a TV show or movie.

Netflix has added a new feature to its app: works like “super like” and this allows us to better evaluate the content we see. So far we have had two options: down to indicate we dislike this content and up to indicate we like it. from now on, we’ll have double thumbs to “prove you’re a true fan”.

Do you like it or do you love it? When you love something, you want to tell your family, friends and colleagues about it; You want to talk about it on all social networks and you want to enjoy it as soon as possible. That’s why there’s a new “I love it!” option for subscribers to tell us what kind of TV shows and movies they really like. We add the option.

i love netflix

New Netflix button

Two thumbs up for telling Netflix you love it

Netflix, unlike other platforms, it only lets you rate the series with “like” or “dislike”does not allow you to rate it with stars or ratings, something that has been criticized by users for years. There’s really no way to tell the difference between content you simply like and content that drives you crazy.

Now we have one more option with this new button, exclusive to content we truly love. According to Netflix, it’s a way to “fine-tune your recommendations to watch more shows or movies influenced by the ones you love.”

Double thumbs up to Netflix

Thumbs up for this new couple

Like or dislike buttons are a good way to indicate how much you like a TV show or movie. Your profile is personalized according to your tastes when evaluating the titles. Again, Time has shown us that you can go beyond these emotions. Something simple I like or dislike. With one more alternative for you to tell us that you really like something, you will receive the recommendations you see on your profile to better suit your taste..

“I love!” option serves to refine your suggestions so that we recommend more series or movies according to your passion. The like mark continues to tell us what you like, so we will use this response to suggest similar content to you. But a “Love!” tells us what fascinates you and helps us make even better recommendations“.

we must start see this button in the Netflix app in the next few days, so we recommend installing the latest app update. This innovation from Netflix is ​​much better than the previous one, which wanted to force us to pay for sharing the password.

Source: i Padizate

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