The American aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford has an extremely difficult mistake. From its laying down in 2009 to its final commissioning at the end of last year, the most expensive warship in history has been plagued by failure.

it is expected to integrate a number of advanced systems in the future – in particular, a new radar, an electromagnetic launch catapult, improved elevators for delivering messages to the deck, and much more.

However, in 2018, when running events were detected, the ship had serious problems with the power plant, then the lifts and catapults failed. The aircraft carrier has become a useless and territorial piece of iron. Unusual additional expenses were required to rule out cases found.

USS Gerald R. FordUSS Ford during impact testing off the coast of Florida, August 2021. Underwater explosions simulate the close detection of a dangerous attack

According to the research service of the US Congress, the next nuclear aircraft carrier cost taxpayers more than 13 billion dollars. And this is without taking into account carrier-based aviation and escorts – escort ships and nuclear submarines

It looks like the streak is unfortunate for the ill-fated Aircraft Carrier Is Over – Without pomp and fanfare, in December 2021, he finally arrived in combat service. Moreover, at the shipyard of Huntington Ingalls Industries, the next Ford-Class Aircraft Carrier – Enterprise was laid down, which will be accepted into the US Navy in 5-6 years.

Source: Tech Cult

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