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LEGO and Epic Games join forces to create a metaverse for kids


Meta was the company that told everyone about the metaverse. But it is not his invention and is not protected by copyright. Metaverses have been around for a long time, and many other companies will create their own.

LEGO and Epic Games announced in a press release the creation of metaverse for kids. BUT”digital experience“, in his own words, where the safety and well-being of children and families is their top priority.

As explained in the statement, “The digital family experience will give children access to tools to help them become confident creators and offer amazing opportunities to play in a safe and positive space.

The problem is that today No one is very clear about what all these announced metaverses will look like.and neither Epic Games nor LEGO explains it in this statement.

The theory says that to access the metaverse you need augmented reality mobile phone, augmented reality glasses or virtual reality glassesbut they didn’t explain which method they would use.

We can assume that it will creation-oriented metaversewhere users will create their content and share it with others. The concept of the metaverse will allow you to use things from other creators in your worlds. And of course, the objects, houses or vehicles you create with LEGO can be used in Epic Games games like Fortnite. But this is all speculation.

What they do is very clear Epic games and LEGO in the presentation of the project is that children’s safety is paramount.

That’s why they posted three principles that will rule over all:

  • Protect children’s right to play by making safety and well-being a priority
  • Protect children’s privacy by putting their best interests first
  • Give kids and adults the tools to take control of their digital experience.

Three principles that should be the Internet’s default rulebut the fact that so much hype has to be given to what seems obvious reminds us how insecure children can be online.

At the moment there are no dates or information about the content or characteristics of this metaverse, so it will have to wait.

Let’s hope this goes beyond running Fortnite from LEGO bricks, which otherwise makes sense. But kids deserve so much more.

Source: Computer Hoy

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