Learn about the iPhone’s Emergency SOS feature that saved this snowboarder’s life.

British snowboarder Tim Blakely survived to an almost fatal event Thanks to the emergency SOS function your iPhone. This man not only saved his life, but also shared his story for others to learn. After recounting the events, it became clear that Apple technology was a decisive factor in the happy outcome.

This casual snowboarder has a near-death experience. walked alone on a glacier Near Zermatt in Switzerland. On the descent, at about 10,000 feet, fell into a crack the one that remained hidden in the snow until then and remained there for 45 minutes.

Thanks to an ice bridge, his fall did not go any deeper, and from there was able to maneuver the iPhone which is in my hand. That way, Tim was able to return to London almost unharmed and with much to contribute to others.

Emergency SOS function and 5 click tricks

While he was on the ground and considering the fragility of the site, he just took the opportunity to do it. fair moves to ask for help. He managed to see that his battery was at 3% and that time would be decisive. He then remembered that iPhone had Emergency SOS and search for recovery services or send text messages with the location of the iPhone.

The function that saved Tim from a nightmare, perhaps, one of the least known because few would want to know about it. but this hidden option on iPhone He will come to your aid in a situation where you may be at risk.

With five clicks of the power button, you can activate the Emergency SOS function

With five clicks of the power button, you can activate the Emergency SOS function

This function can be enabled as follows: hold down the side button and press one of the volume buttons until the SOS emergency slider is displayed. Then you just have to drag the slider to call emergency services.

If you cannot see or use the device screen, click the power button Five times. Latter The procedure is fully automatic and allows a short countdown before dialing and in case of accidental activation.

In one of these two ways, location will be sent to help services from the mobile phone’s automatic location. If your location changes, an update will be forwarded to your emergency contacts and after 10 minutes you will receive a notification.

A more informed and grateful snowboarder with iPhone

After this experience and reflection, Tim has decided to share the details. creates awareness in their social networks and other people so as not to tempt their fate or to practice such activities alone.

Moreover Thanks to Apple Adding a useful function to the iPhone and with a practical activation mechanism where it can alert the rescuers and with minimal battery. “Thanks Apple, 5 clicks your side button for emergency services, the constant dripping of the screen is particularly good”it was his words.

Tim Blakely thanks Apple for bringing the five click button to iPhone

Tim Blakely thanks Apple for bringing the five click button to iPhone

Likewise, after analyzing what happened, The first step will be to raise awareness about the incredible work rescuers do on the mountain and train others not to be as careless as he is.

Also, he commented i would keep snowboarding Accompanied by someone else, and before touring the off-piste areas at resorts, it will take time to research thoroughly. “I had a false sense of security that made me very excited about looking for a place to ski” and he added, no matter how experienced someone thinks he is, because “This is not a joke” It’s not a matter of luck.

picture | [Tim Blakely]

Source: i Padizate

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