The iPhone SE 3 could be the best Apple phone of the year thanks to its relationship quality, price and future.

SE models are considered the low-cost way to break into the Apple ecosystem, but that doesn’t mean they’re not state-of-the-art mobiles. actually we used to one of the best selling iPhones and many reasons to buy it.

Still can’t decide whether to buy the iPhone SE 3? Maybe these 5 reasons will convince you, because we are talking about a mobile phone that will take you for many yearsThanks to the technologies Apple implemented.

Buy the iPhone SE 3: 5 reasons to do so

A cheap 5G cell phone? classic style? The iPhone SE 3 has been selling pretty well since its launch, because It is a device with a classic design but with future technologies.. We leave you these 5 reasons to love it and buy it soon.

buy iPhone SE 3

The iPhone SE 3 is one of Apple’s best-selling phones, thanks to technological advances.

The powerful chip inside

Do you know what processor the iPhone SE 3 has? This A15 Bionic is exactly the same as iPhone 13It makes the iPhone SE 3 more powerful than the Samsung Galaxy S22 and (much more expensive) other high-end Android phones.

This new 16-core chip will let users play video games Use the latest generation, photo editors and multitask at the same time, without the need for overheating or annoying crashes.

The SE 3 is 1.8 times faster than the iPhone 8, 2 times faster than the iPhone 7 and 3 times faster than the iPhone 6. Plus, with the latest Apple processor, users will be able to count on more than 5 years of updatesif what you are looking for is a long term mobile.

Entering the future with 5G

One of the main differences between iPhone SE 2 and iPhone SE 3 is that the latter Compatible with 5G networksIn fact, it is the cheapest option Apple has to offer to use this new network.

The rapid deployment of 5G networks in Europe and America prompts users to upgrade their mobile phones to take advantage of this new connection. fast downloads and improved live streaming quality. Another reason if you’re looking for a long-term cell phone.

Your camera is very high quality.

iPhone is synonymous with great photo qualityThe iPhone 13 has gone a step further by adding features like photo styles, Smart HDR 4, and texture optimization. All these specs migrated to the iPhone SE 3, making it the second best camera iPhone to date.

Includes Deep Fusion for texture optimization and helps preserve all color tones in images. The SE 3 also has the gorgeous portrait mode that has been lauding Apple for several years.

buy iPhone SE 3

iPhone SE 3 includes 5G and A15 Bionic chip designed for the future

Its design is already a classic

Although it’s hard to believe, There are those who prefer the classic iPhone design with Touch IDIt’s more stylized than the massive and heavy iPhone 13. A 4.7-inch cell phone has one aspect that everyone already knows, and it becomes quite manageable in situations like work or transportation.

Moreover, The lack of a notch makes many consider it a very stylish iPhone. and it reminds you of one of the great devices in the history of mobile phones: iPhone 4. Do you like the design and colors? This is a very good reason to buy.

An iPhone that can withstand anything

Its stylized and small design is not synonymous with a mobile phone that is fragile or requires great care. In fact, the iPhone SE 3 is almost as robust as the iPhone 13, mainly because panel has the same glass as high-end Apple.

Water and dust resistant with IP67 certificationBody modified to withstand bumps and rounded edges to withstand shocks, we’re facing one of the most durable iPhones to date, all 4.7 inches.

The iPhone SE 3 is now available in Spain and its official prices are as follows:

  • 64GB iPhone SE: 529 Euros.
  • 128GB iPhone SE: 579 Euros.
  • 256GB iPhone SE: 699 Euros.

Source: i Padizate

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