A young woman going to the municipality of Manta in CundinamarcaHe could have died on the premises of the hotel where he was staying to attend a sporting event with his partner.

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According to the first statements of the authorities, a gas leak in the room’s air conditioner could have intoxicated the woman to death.

According to the sister of the deceased woman, The gas dispersed at night while the couple was sleeping made it impossible to be noticed.. “He put them to sleep because that’s the effect until the gas suffocates them,” the woman said.

However, a few hours later the bodies were found in glamping. According to hotel staff, the youth’s morning activities were planned, but they never fulfilled these commitments.

Therefore, and after waiting a few hours, the staff went to the room to check that everything was ok and that’s when they found the woman’s dead body next to her husband, who was still dying

The man was immediately transferred to a health center in the city of Bogot√°, where he was hospitalized and his prognosis confirmed.

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Source: Exame

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