Gigafactory Tesla in shanghai back in action this week after a long period of inactivity due to the resurgence of COVID-19 in China. But with the Asian giant’s authorities still maintaining strict restrictions on movement, Elon Musk’s company has implemented a “closed loop” system that makes employees live (literally) inside the factory.

as assembled bloombergTesla delivered sleeping bags and mattresses employees sleep inside the facility. In addition, workers receive three free meals a day and an additional amount of up to 400 yuan — about $63 — every day. However, this figure of money per day will vary depending on the level or position of each person.

This methodology will be maintained until May 1, depending on whether there are changes in the state policy to protect against coronavirus. It is worth noting that the Chinese authorities themselves have urged companies to work in this mode, seeing the great impact that the COVID-19 outbreak has had on the technology and automotive sectors.

However, it is also important to note that Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai does not have an established sleeping area. For this reason, employees they should sleep on the floor in a specific sector for this purpose; and according to internal memos seen bloombergthere will also be showers and entertainment areas that have not yet been completed, except for the section catering and dining room.

Closed loop system with strict hygiene measures

Photo by Vlad Chompalov on Unsplash

To transport workers to the Shanghai gigafactory, Tesla issued a special permit and took them from home on buses. In addition, only those who have two doses of the vaccine and live in the sectors of the city with the least number of infections were able to return to work.

Once on company premises, employees must undergo nucleic acid tests within the first three days. It also maintains strict control of body temperature and everyone should wash their hands four times a day.

Under these strict measures, major companies located in the areas of China hardest hit by the coronavirus are trying to get back on track. The harsh restrictions of the authorities have already caused concern among various managers. He Xiaopengco-founder and CEO Xpengfor example, said the automotive sector could be forced to halt production in May if production of chips and other components does not resume soon.

Under these conditions, in recent days there have already been about 600 companies that would return to production using “closed-loop” methods, such as the one that Tesla adopted.

Tesla also aims to restore lost production

Gigafactory Tesla Model Y

The fact that the Shanghai gigafactory closed for several weeks dealt a very serious blow to the Tesla production line. As we mentioned at the time, this was a major problem in Europe, given that many of the devices that Elon Musk’s firm currently sells there, especially Model 3– They come from China.

It is assumed that the closure of the plant from the end of March it cost Tesla about 40,000 cars, based on 2100 cars per day. This prompted the American firm to take advantage of the return of its employees to quickly recover what they had lost.

Thus, Tesla will increase the burden on its employees. Thus, from now on they are threatened with a 12-hour working day for six days in a row with one day off. Previously, the staff worked four days in a row and two days off.

Source: Hiper Textual

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