The first time we heard Honshu’s deep voice moon knight (2022) is very unexpected, and takes place in a scene from the chapter “The Goldfish Problem” (1×01) with a situation that confuses us no less than the main character, poor Stephen Grant played by Oscar Isaac. And, later, we learn that the speaker egyptian god who made Mark Spector his avatar.

In mythology, the meaning of his name is “traveler” and, since we are talking about a deity Moon, is related to its shift in the night sky. It is usually presented falcon head, which is closest to his appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe comics and miniseries created by American Jeremy Slater. But actually not always.

He was often seen as a young man with a topknot at his side, a ritual collar, a shepherd’s crook, and the flail of Osiris. The temple of Karnak was dedicated to him when it was built during the Ramsesid period (1292-1189 BC) and his cult spread between the cities of Thebes, Memphis, Hibis and Edfu. So it’s not surprising that veteran actor F. Murray Abraham agree to voice him for Marvel and Disney+.

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Veteran actor of God Khonshu from Moon Knight.

Although his acting career is moon knight It all started with Clyde Detective and doctor (1971), did not interfere with important work until his detective partner in serpico (1973), mechanic crazy couple (1975) or his police in All the President’s people (1976), awarded four Oscars. Then he was finally able to expand like Omar from price of power (1983).

caballero luna el actor que pone voz a khonshu f. murray abraham marvel disney+
F. Murray Abraham | “Motherland”, Showtime

But the final initiation of F. Murray Abraham was due to the fact that he climbed into the shoes of an Italian composer. Antonio Salieri in AmadeusMilos Forman’s (1984) film about Mozart that won the Oscars in Hollywood, where it received valuable statuette for the rolewhich Patrick Stewart repeated in only one chapter screen game (1986-1993) and Peter Macdissi in film virtuous (2015).

And, even speaking for Honshu in moon knightembodied Bernardo Guy from rose name (1986), director of the Greek choir in mighty aphrodite (1995), to Cyrus Kritikos of thirteen ghosts (2001), Ade’s Dar Homeland (2011-2020) or Mr. Mustafa from Hotel Grand Budapest (2014). And he also gave his voice to Jupiter in island of dogs (2018) and Grimmel from how to train your dragon 3 (2019).

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