Let’s get this April 29th in motion!

The most important celebrations for Apple deserve a place on the list of Apple Watch challenges. In addition to the Apple Watch competition for Earth Day scheduled for the third week of April, the competition for the upcoming April 29 International Day of Dance has been added.

And, of course, nothing seems more favorable than moving to this celebration. And Apple Watch us an alternative, thanks to the Activity Challenge, which requires doing 20 minutes or more of a dance workout throughout the day.

Time to dance with the Apple Watch

Once again, Apple proposes a challenge aimed at encouraging the use of the watch for exercise while guiding the use of exercise tracking functions. Here is Apple’s official invitation to users of the world’s most popular watch:

“Time to dance! Earn this reward by recording a 20-minute or longer Dance workout on International Dance Day, April 29. Save with the Workout app or any app that adds a workout to Health.”

As with any challenge, those who complete it with any training app that tracks data in Apple’s Fitness app will unlock virtual success on their iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple’s Messages app. You’ll also have access to custom stickers that can be used in the Messages app, FaceTime, and more.

This time, users will be able to complete the challenge with a stand-alone dance routine or using a dance routine in Apple Fitness+. Apple’s fitness subscription service has a dance category to fit the bill, as it a variety of different content categories, including dance workouts.

Each month, Apple Watch suggests a set of challenges for celebrating important dates. These challenges usually last no longer than 20 minutes and are always a great excuse to add to our daily physical activity, along with the extensive health benefits these practices bring. And why not, being able to show a recognition tag as hands-on users.

Source: i Padizate

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