Last Saturday, April 16, after years of complexity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Latin American League of Legends final took place between teams Estral Esports and Team Aze.

Since its debut in 2021, Estral Esports has shown the experience the previous final had lost to INFINITY and its rivals, Team Aze had all the excitement of debuting at an event of this level.

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The first game started balanced, but after losing a few strategic team fights Estral Esports has been pretty beaten. After 35 minutes, Team Aze defeated the enemy Nexus 8 to 21.

In game two, Estral Esports came out with a much more aggressive demeanor, earning him a few kills and key targets early on. They even kept the lead and finished the match. In just 25 minutes with a high score of 4v19.

For the 3rd game, the roles have changed. Team Aze prevailed from the start of the match and they got a Destruction where they could get into the base at 25 minutes and at 26 minutes They reached 19 to 3 wins.

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There were several team fights in game four, and at 24 minutes Team Aze managed to get an Extermination that gave them a temporary advantage. Then, at 34 minutes, the game seemed to be over with a hard push from Aze towards the opponent’s base, but thanks to a defender, the match was over. Estral Esports managed to push them back and had a 16-19 comeback at 37 minutes.

With this, they went into the fifth and final game, where the two teams started off very balanced, until at 27 minutes Team Aze took advantage of the gold and kills after a critical team fight. In the end Team Aze won 14-2 in 34 minutes.

Lonely (South Korea), Dimitry (Dominican), Aloned (Chile), 5kid (South Korea), and Straight (Ecuador) Team Aze has been crowned champions of the Latin American League of Legends Apertura 2022 for the first time in its history.

Now, Team Aze will represent Latin America in the tournament. Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) to take place in South Korea in May.

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Source: Exame

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