If you are one of those who publish more and more Instagram And even if you see a future on this platform as an Influencer, there is news that matters to you. They are related to a change in the algorithm to unblock content used by the well-known social network. We tell you what happened.

When it comes to Instagram, information comes from someone who knows very well what he is talking about. The reason we say this is because the person in question Adam Mosseriis one of the most relevant directors to exist on the platform. That said, in a message on Twitter, he stated what the reasons for this change were.

What to look for on Instagram?

Well, it’s something simple that favors those who publish original content, but also complex. That way, creators who create images or videos that aren’t found anywhere else (or sourced from this social network and nowhere else) will see how. improve their position when what they share is shown before others. And that’s great news, because as Mosseri himself explains “If you create something from scratch, you should get more credit from others than sharing something.“.

Frankly, what is sought is that duplicating TikTok videos or images from places like Twitter is not the most relevant thing on Instagram. Therefore, algorithm will be developed to detect any watermarks or other traces that may exist in order not to bother those who broadcast without producing them continuously. This will obviously also ensure that original content posts and Reels gain visibility.

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In short, it will be verified shortly. content classification changes and Instagram originals outperform those from other creative outlets. Perfect for those who are determined to bet on the meta service.

an accompanying change

This, we comment, confirmed by the head of the social network, does not come by itself. As is known, there will be improvements when it comes to it. tag people (where it will even be possible to add categories by doing this) and also, never all users will be able to tag products without having to have a professional or creative account. The latter is already a reality in the US and will soon reach other regions.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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