The design of the new Series 8 Apple Watch, which we expect to see in September 2022.

apple watch It has retained a similar design from Series 4 to Series 7, hence the rumored Design change in Series 8.

Before the Series 7 Watch launches, estimates are more flat and square design Continuing in the same vein as Mac, iPad and iPhone.

However, due to Apple’s production problems in 2021, this new design did not come to life recently. Apple Watch Series 7coming to market with updates and very small changes in the features.

but next generation design known, will there really be a change in his appearance? We will tell you the last thing that has been outlined so far. best concept between Apple Watch Series 8.

The best “render” design we’ve seen on the Apple Watch Series 8

This most revolutionary design It is thought to be for the Apple Watch. This is Series 8 in 2022.

The model shows a sufficiently attractive design Made by 3D concept artist Known as Shailesh Hariharan, seen as having the best integration ever, more robust and durable construction To the new design of the Apple Watch Series 8.

    Apple Watch Series 8 Render - by Shailesh

Apple Watch Series 8 Render – by Shailesh

  • a watch designed with thin side edgemore square and round cuts.
  • presenting design big screen Making the most of its space, it has been enlarged by about 1mm over the Series 7 watch, the most used display of the Apple Watch ever.
  • Use sphere Bringing the Apple Watch Series 7 in 2021, outlinethat allows to take advantage of the space and gives a feeling big screen.

Talking about other News basically in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 2 sizes, one 41mm and one 45mm. On the other hand, it is presumed to be in question. bigger size up to 47 mm, a to redesign dedicated extreme athletesWhich way would it go?

As one of Apple’s top analysts, Ross Young, predicted, we’ll just have to wait to see if the rumors turn out to be true.

Other features that the rendered model of Apple Watch Series 8 will include

The Apple Watch Series 8 replacement is not only external, but would come with improvements from the inside. Apple analytics says the new design will emerge:

  • with a new one processorSomething Faster More than Series 7.
  • Together longer battery life (320mAh)and new features.
  • It better sealing and a new speaker grille outside.
  • As soon as possible biomedical technology sensorsthings change, because the sensor real time body temperatureIf expected by September 2022. With this sensor, one of the prototypes expected in the promised Apple Watch Series 8 comes to life.
Apple Watch health sensors

Apple Watch health sensors

  • Others sensors more technical, such as measuring blood pressure and for the sensor measuring glucosethey will stay for future Apple Watch Series. The technology needed for these new sensors is being worked on, but lots of regulations and certifications are required, so Apple is working hard with the goal of making them by 2025.

Although only possible designs are mentioned without officialization by Apple at the moment, prototype by the end of 2022 will contain:

  • Newly designed screen.
  • New health sensor to measure temperature.
  • A special size for extreme sports users.

This is a closer idea of ​​what will happen next generation Series 8 Apple Watch.

picture | Shailesh Hariharan website and

Source: i Padizate

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