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The maddening series that cycles and jumps in time is back on Netflix


Natasha Lyonne, aka Orange Is the New Black, has definitely gone from being a background role to breaking all schemes with this series. Little known until then, now he is loved by many.

Well, they’re lucky because You can now enjoy the second season released on April 20th on Netflix. D that we leave you bound.

Next we will show you trailer for the second season.


The trailer for the second season of Russian Doll, which will be released on Netflix on April 20.

For those who haven’t tried it yet, we expect time loops are the basis on which the entire story of our protagonist revolves. Well, this one will be trapped in a time loop that starts with the party and always ends with her quick demise, only to reappear in the same place.

Nadia will die repeatedly, becoming a victim of all sorts of dangers: falling stairs, gas leaks, explosions, and every time she wakes up from her eternal sleep, she finds herself back in the bathroom.

With the announcement of its second season, given that the first one came out in 2019, you could expect some plot change, and it actually happened. As our colleagues at HobbyConsolas tell us, This time, Nadia will have to travel back in time, namely to the 80s, in order to understand the life of some people very close to her.

We leave you a little explanation of the end of this new season in case you have any questions.

This new season is expected to be even more confusing than the first, and even more so if they are looking to overcome the huge success of their firstborn. Time travel and even quantum physics, with one wink than another Schr√∂dinger’s cat, they will dress up a new story of our protagonist.

With only 7 episodes of half an hour each, She manages to have you hooked from the first minute and is framed as one of the most original and charismatic bets on Netflix.

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