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Here’s how Netflix will charge for password transfer


What some of us have been predicting for years has begun. flow bubble starts to explode after announcing that Netflix has lost subscribers for the first time in 10 years. conduct $20 billion a year series and film production is a spiral that eventually saturates.

The company panicked, announcing the end of shared passwords and new cheaper rates… with ads. So the future of television was this: back to the old TV with commercials.

Netflix shares fell 47% after the announcementand it hasn’t started controversy yet end of shared passwords, which will undoubtedly upset many subscribers, because we already know what it will be like. How far back is 2017 when Netflix encouraged sharing phrases like: “love share password“.

At the time, Netflix was interested in growing its user base, even if it was free. And after “training” your customers to share the password, Now he is going to charge you for it.

According to the company, almost half of their subscribers share a password. In particular, 100 out of 222 million users. By sharing, he does not mean family accounts used by parents and children, the core of the family, but the same account that is used in different houses.

Netflix has been running trials for weeks to ban the practice in Peru, Costa Rica, and Chile, and according to CNBC, the system will be enforced globally.

First will start by sending emails to the account ownerwarning you that you are sharing a password.


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After a period there will be an additional charge for each shared account. So Netflix gives you the option to keep sharing… as long as you pay.

For example, if you have a sister who lives in another city and you want to share Netflix with her, that’s great.” Netflix COO Greg Peters explained during a shareholder conference call.

We are not trying to stop sharing, but we are going to ask you to pay a little more to be able to share with her so that she gets the benefit and value of the service, but we also receive income associated with this viewing. .“, he clarifies.

In the aforementioned Latin American countries charges about 3 euros for the total bill, which are probably more in the USA and Europe, because here the tariffs are more expensive, and in Europe VAT is also added. It is possible that it will come 5 euros per accountor more.

Netflix will also provide an opportunity users of shared accounts can “become independent”creating your own account and maintaining the entire browsing history.

Peter this system has many loopholes. First of all, how does Netflix distinguish between who is a shared password and who is an acquaintance? Only viewings inside the house? What if a relative is traveling or studying away from home? Will Netflix make a distinction between families who live at home and those who travel a lot?

What happens if the main account stops paying? Secondary accounts are disabled instantly? Do they lose everything or can they emigrate?

With this system, The debate will be continuous. In addition, several surveys show that the majority of people using a shared password if they have to pay, they won’t.

According to CNBC, it will take Netflix a year to fully implement this system. Will start with abusive accounts first:”If a user shares a password with 15 houses, it’s easy“Maybe he should have focused on that and stopped there…

And while Disney +, HBO MAX and company contemplate the soap opera with interest and curiosity. If it’s a failure, they won’t do anything. But if Netflix works… Shared accounts will be prosecuted on all platforms. The next few months promise to be interesting…

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