Perhaps the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and series can’t be more than they are; colorful and thoughtful entertainment for those who love adventure films about superheroes, fantasy and sci-fi stories, as well as the most spectacular action films. But this does not mean that their authors and the rest of the team do not enrich them with details similar to those we find in moon knight (2022).

From Hollywood Academy Award-winning actors giving voice to the character, scenes in which they struggle to understand the drama of the protagonist as portrayed by Oscar Isaac, to dates that confirm whether he disappeared due to Josh Brolin’s Thanos snap or a couple Easter eggs on the Falcon and Winter Soldier (2021) to very unexpected historical connections and apparently very specific features in costumes call strangers.

To begin with, as Darby Harn explains in ScreenRantwhile Marvel comics say that Moon Knight’s outfits are made from metal Carbonadium, Jeremy Slater and executive producer Kevin Feige may prefer it to be vibranium due to its association with Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa, whose Black Panther suit was made from this material. Although the other is much more flexible.

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The fragmented personality of Moon Knight in his costume

Although the golden elements of Mark Spector’s costume do not match those in the comics, which are actually silver, sharp crescents which he picks up on his chest or between the bandages on his arms to throw at his enemies, like the jackal in the episode “The Suit Challenge” (1×02) or the Egyptian outlaws in “The Friendly Type” (1×03), magically reappear. How can he have recourse to the two walking sticks he carries in their ghost pockets.

In particular, Mr. Knight; version of Moon Knight coming from Stephen Grant, whose mask we discovered halved with a seam it looks like a scar representing his own dissociative identity disorder, the two personalities that inhabit him share his troubled mind and alternately take control. Something, said Seam, not from Marvel comics, but a novelty by Jeremy Slater and company.

Finally, in the chapter “The Problem of the Goldfish” (1×01) it seemed that superhero eyes they only shine with the costume made from the mummy’s visible bandages and looking like a costume zero number Universe X, the work of screenwriters Jim Krueger and Alex Ross and artist Doug Braithwaite (2000). But in a later date, we learn that this happens without the aforementioned mask, thanks to the same power that the god Khonshu gives to Stephen Grant and Marc Spector, played by Oscar Isaac.

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