Surely, in more than one situation, you thought it would be most beneficial to be able to use a tool. Whats up on several mobile devices at the same time, such as a mobile phone with two phones or a tablet. Well, obviously you’re not the only one. The truth is, there are news about it and they are, you’re going to love it.

Since the messaging app we mentioned was released, one of its limitations was that it could only be used on the phone. Then came the developments. multi device, but these are limited to web or desktop clients only. And according to the published information, this could be very close to change in a very short time, which is great news.

what was known

Well, due to the work done looking inside the new trial version of WhatsApp, an extremely illuminating display has been found. In it, as you can see in the picture we left after this paragraph, the steps to take are set up a new device as an additional assistant… nothing connected. So, this could mean the option to sync an account with a second smartphone or alternatively a tablet. Finally!

New multi-device option in WhatsApp


The truth is, this was long-awaited news, as currently it would require resorting to complex replication processes to achieve it – and the results were not always optimal. By the way, the synchronization process is quite similar to the one that exists now, because you have to scan a QR code, but in this case everything done from the app devices and you don’t need to use a computer at all.

Waiting to find out how this works on WhatsApp

Obviously, it is necessary to see exactly what the options are presented in the operation of the second device with the WhatsApp account, since they may not be complete (something that should not be, in fact) as they contain some restrictions. The good thing is, the desire of many people who need to use their account with a tablet at the same time as their smartphone is closer to reality than ever before.

Currently, this information is available in the latest test version. iOS and Android Since the application is not functional, it is not known how the whole process is and how its use will work. But what is very clear is that WhatsApp has taken the necessary steps to use an account on several devices… and that may really differ from most of its competitors.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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