The (clearly apocryphal) minifigure of Zelensky in LEGO version and the mini molotov cocktail with the Ukrainian flag An American company, Citizen Brick, sold out quickly with an initiative to support the Ukrainian people.

The LEGO version of the charismatic president of Ukraine it was produced in a limited edition and sold for $100. Obviously an out-of-market price, but it was for a good cause: All proceeds from the sale of the accessories go to Direct Relief, a humanitarian association that promotes medicines and medical distributes equipment in theaters of war.

In total, the project has raised more than $16,000. Then Instagram got in the way and chose to censor the advertising campaign promoting the project. The reason? The display of the Molotov cocktails, albeit in a LEGO version, did not please the moderators of the social network.

But that doesn’t matter, because the wave of minifigures made for charity sold out in no time.

Citizen Brick makes custom minifigures, many of which are war-themed (a taboo for the Danish producer, which has always refused to represent contemporary warfare). Not only that, the company also produces horror themed minifigures, either inspired by rock icons or, again, with quirky features (including cyclops eyes, smilies, and more).

Source: Lega Nerd

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