With pCloud you can store, share and access all your files from anywhere in the world and from any device.

In our different electronic devices, we have infinite personal information, long stories in photos and videos, important data in documents or conversations, even emotional items that would be a shame to lose. this can be if we don’t make backup copies our mobile phone, computer or any of our devices as this is not a copy we risk losing all these files. To avoid this disaster, cloud storage has become indispensable not only for personal use but also for business use and to be able to protect all your files.

Right now, one of the safest options Europe’s cloud storage pCloud, in addition to storage, allows us to share and access all our files anywhere in the world and from any of our devices. But that’s not all, even if you use Mac, Windows, iOS or AndroidWe want you to fully explore pCloud and all the benefits it can offer you.

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5 advantages pCloud you

pCloud backups

Simple backups and access to your files from anywhere.

Simple backups

make a backup from your mobile phone, computer or any of your different devices Very simple with pCloud, simply do it from Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos, OneDrive and Facebook via direct integration. Then all the folders you selected will be automatically saved to your pCloud account and your changes will be synced in real time.

Access your files from anywhere

With your pCloud account you can: easily access all your files and from any deviceSince pCloud is available for Windows, Mac and Linux on the desktop, it is available for iOS and Android as well as for mobile and you can access the web version at any time. Just remember that you can’t access your files, you can share and save files in your cloudAnd the best part is that it doesn’t take up any space.

Recover old versions

Function Recover old versions of your files in pCloud It should be able to save you from a lot of hassle as other apps often give you very few days to access file history. The great news is that with pCloud in the free version you already have 15 days and in the Premium version you have 30 days but the best is still missing, in the Premium version you have the option to pay additionally. you can extend file history up to one year. In short, instead of keeping versions and files in the trash for 30 days, 365 days to recover previous version Any of your files if you switch to extended history.

5 benefits of pCloud

With pCloud Premium and extended history, you’ll have up to 365 days to rollback any of your files to the previous version.

Share files and collaborate

This tool is for you multiple options to share files and folders with anyone to collaborate on various projects. You can also forget about sharing files by mail and its limitations, with pCloud this is only necessary copy the link of the file or folder you want to share and paste it into the email. Also, if it’s a business document, you can customize the links with your own branding to make it more professional.

Unbreakable military-grade encryption

beside SSL/TLS encryption What pCloud uses is that your files are stored in at least three locations on the server and in a highly secure area, as well as swiss data protection lawpCloud us the premium security pCloud Crypto exclusive. With pCloud Crypto you can encrypt your important files Since the combination of all keys and layers of security used by pCloud, you have complete peace of mind about the security of your data as well as protect it with a password or encryption key. proved to be unbreakable.

Access pCloud as soon as possible and Enjoy these 5 benefits plus unmatched security.

access pCloud

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