one of the interesting things to do Netflix Knowing how to adjust the content it recommends is to indicate what you like after seeing it. And the truth is, there aren’t many people who do this, and they lose a tool that is the most useful. And now, it is known to cure it.

As the streaming video platform itself has announced, it will soon (in some regions this is already a reality) start adding the possibility of showing what occupies a leadership position among home-watched TV shows, movies and documentaries. You have a Netflix account. And this is good news.

What can be done so far

What is already offered in all clients for mobile devices or those used on Smart TVs is to indicate if something is up. like or dislike (using the like or dislike icons respectively). This way your likes are reported to the platform which makes much better use of the internal algorithms used to suggest what to see if you have any doubts.

This is a feature not currently available in all VOD services available in the market, and it sets Netflix apart and offers a much more personalized operation. But apparently, it wasn’t enough for the company and went one step further… And the truth is, it’s the most interesting.

video on a laptop


What’s Adding Now on Netflix?

As the platform itself conveys, from now on, a double thumbs up thus, there is one more scale among those that are stated to be convincing. In this way, users can adjust more precisely what convinces them – for example by the theme or the actors involved. Therefore, and as we mentioned earlier, the content recommendations will be much more precise and the successes will certainly be greater.

Fortunately, just like before, this new option works out of the box for apps iOS and Androidnot to forget the developments, televisions and even on the client network. That way, it’s clear that Netflix wants to know what you like so you can make the most of the important catalog of content – in many cases completely unknown – found in its database.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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