The number of functions that wearables can offer is far greater than they were thought to achieve when they were released. So much so that the sensors they have can be very helpful in critical moments if used properly. And that’s something to take Fitbit on your products.

By checking the information that smartwatches and smartbands can obtain, it is possible to determine whether a person has a disease. drop unexpected and then take the appropriate action. And even if you have a moment heart rate is not very accurate and therefore a warning can be sent to the user to take the necessary action… including going to the hospital if necessary. In this way, these accessories are more than a device that measures steps taken.

What will Fitbit offer?

Well, what it does get is the necessary powers to be able to measure it passively. atrial fibrillationThis is nothing more than having an irregular heartbeat. Thus, if the device offering the corresponding compatibility detects that this has happened, it initiates an alert to limit the risks associated with this pathology. And what are they? Well, especially cerebrovascular problems It can cause death if not treated properly.

The important thing is to ensure that this feature is not misleading (although it can never replace results obtained with professional tools), Fitbit, certificate From the US Food and Drug Administration. In this way, the algorithm designed by the company based on PPG technology has been able to effectively recognize the above-mentioned problems. In this way, the use that can be provided to the wearable devices of this manufacturer is more – and also more useful.

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An app to launch soon

This is what is stated by Fitbit. And luckily, it won’t be restricted on new models the company releases, because most of the already existing Those who have a heart rate sensor will be able to use this new function, as they have the necessary equipment for it. Of course, the ability to detect atrial fibrillation will initially be used in the United States, and that’s because Fitbit is trying to get the necessary permissions in the European Union.

This way, Fitbit wearables will match those offered by Apple on the market apple watch already offers this functionality). It is a giant step for this company, which continues to be one of the most interesting in the market segment where smart watches and smart wristbands are located.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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